Career Coaching Services

What is Career Coaching?

Whether you have recently lost your job, want to change your career, seek to further the career you have or are about to enter the workforce, the keys to success are similar. It involves successfully answering three questions: ‘What do you want to do?’, ‘What skills do you bring to the marketplace?’ and, ‘What will others pay you to do?’
Career coaching helps you discover the answers to these questions, and in the process, improve your ability to find meaningful, paid employment.

Career coaching is a goal-oriented, results-focused professional alliance that helps you identify career goals and bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

How does Career Coaching work?

Sea Change Solutions will provide you with one of our pre-defined popular programmes, or tailor a programme to suit your individual requirements.

Each programme involves a specified number of sessions using a combination of specially designed tools and one-to-one personal coaching sessions.

A combination of any of the following modules can be used to create your career programme:

  • Life and career goals
  • Career values clarification
  • Personality and career preference profiling
  • Interests
  • Transferable skills identification
  • Overcoming career constraints
  • Options analysis and career action plan
  • Job search techniques
  • CV preparation
  • Interview skills
  • Start up a new business

We also can wrap Life Coaching into our Career Coaching to provide a holistic coaching solution for clients.

To find out about our career coaching packages, contact us today.

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